Crashing your car or being at peace with the windshield going through our heads

from by Paul from Dune

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Form and void or class in taxes, summer feels just like the girl. I hold the heart so well in praxis but theory’s drenched in oil. If I crash your car tonight into the existential aura bleeding light will you love me till the crumple zone becomes a part of you and I. Or will you still hesitate, will the metal of the engine shoot right though our heart. To want for my whole life but to get it tonight, to die in a home for the commuters with labels with a girlfriend. But with death the Buick parts bringing out the self with an eye for the future in the dream world in solitude. If hell is other people than what the fuck is the lonely dope, I can’t wait to see the other side to be the butt of my own joke. To hesitate, to drown in the answer, to see the engine behind the mind inside the brain to realize that what love is is just a nothing in the sweat shop of a world i have so much fun in with you


from Paul is dead but his ashes keep ascending, released January 24, 2017


tags: pop Denver