little death/ the self is a glowing collection of the people that you loved

by Paul from Dune

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Written and recorded by Paul in Portland, Aurora, and Baltimore in 2016.
Going to heaven. Paul is always leaving.
This album is dedicated to Shevek and his quest for utopia.


released December 29, 2016

Thanks to all my friends and family.



Track Name: green
Your touch has seven points, your fingers your elbow, the pain in your heart
I just want to help you feel but your empathy is suppressed by some chemicals you take,
I know you didn’t start the fight, I’m sorry that blame was placed in your corner
If you shout the loudest sometimes your most visible I know its not easy being green
Track Name: the part of you that's safe in memory (pt.2)
The part of you that is safe in memory
Track Name: the same moon as u
Ego manifests as a light in the self my ego is the moon
The clouds all froze and made just like nature boring holes in all i knew
The same moon as you a crest in night from across the atlantic
Looking for something to do with while the super is supplanted

If ever you wake when afraid there is a particle that light beams the natural law
The mechanism oiled and ready for tarnish making might out of infinite loss

ego manifests as a light in the hallway my ego is your room
the concept of the angel is as thin as paper making tense my thoughts with you
in the same room as you a chest bound by weight from the wool in the fabric
looking for something to use to take the feelings from semantics
Track Name: tan to blue
the stars they changed me
but my skin is fading back to tan from blue
I look up to the sky and see the better version of myself
I’m losing focus eating new real flesh
my world is fading back from love to pain
god earth has changed man
I used to feel some love quand le sang a couru rouge
but my memory is gone I can’t remake the past
I've become the sad fucker who believes a place is better once he’s left
Track Name: The Colorless Aura of Pain.
Viscera, deletion , loss of memory, loss in general,
Fibers of neon transmitting light waves translating pressure pain
The top of the mountain, usurped by the eagle, killing with buckshot avoiding the talon
Intestine is perfect, when out in the open, completely transparent pain
The right hand is broken issued in silence, burrowing maggots eating necrosis
Reborn in the liquid pruning of neon into a mainframe something like brain
still The painting unsettles depicting the future the canvas is broken the wood has torn through
the shade is unvaried, the black is completeness, the body is weightless pain

Ascension etcetera the form looks like human, the parts look like veins
expert in blood flow expert in feeling the touch looks like human pain
Screams of the infant drowned in the transfer the styx is so pleasant, to wade in lost soul
The feeling of slipping, the uncertain balance, the question of realness, penetrates goal
At peace with the answer, the lack of blue language, the neon is freeform, there’s chaos in being
The real contradiction is the physical body, the choice of the self in a self thats not free
the viscera, foreshortened, loss of meaning, loss in general
Ethereal body, attempts at a vibrance, the colorless aura, pain