Paul is dead but his ashes keep ascending

by Paul from Dune

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This album is about the burden of enlightenment and the way false ideas of ascension plague the honest path to absolving the self. The self inconveniently awake to the chaos of being while trying to fill out tax forms. The death that never rests. The content of existential dread infecting the final lasting peace with expression. Doomed to always ascend.

A sincere thank you to Mom and Sky for always supporting me and trusting me with my art even if you weren't sure what was going on, Jo for being a true friend, Bridge for showing me the beauty of giving the self to another, Matt and Alien for not complaining when I record in my room and practice screams, Amos and Evan for being incredibly supportive and for releasing this tape, Max for being an example of how to grow up and stay fresh, Tiki and Pad for being the realest beings in the 4th realm, Chloe for grounding me and talking to me about faith, Jimmy for being a constant source of inspiration, Harrison for continued advice and support even after becoming a big dog, Jess for always making me be intentional, Chris for showing me how cool math rock is, Carbon for understanding my jokes, Jake for the album cover and for being there after all the years, and to everyone else that helps me to ascend. I’ll love you forever.


released January 24, 2017

All songs written and recorded by Paul in Portland, Aurora, and Baltimore
Cover by Jake Cox and Paul
Released by No Direction Records in 2017



Track Name: 5th Density
May the love that I forgot never ease in holding near the new insight into folly of intention not that clear, the indigo in the shield contradicts the thing foreseen, please eat all of me my bones my skin leave the table clean. I know Im not that good, the crystal that is broken can never be misunderstood, when power over self breaks third eye closes as it should. Goodbye memories oh goodbye. Sorry I forgot about the ease of sinking down to the third the second density where timbre makes no sound. The white night is the reckoner the chicken back in roost. Please cut all of me my tendons, bones, the cable hanging loose, hurt does the body good. The people that is broken can never live the anger through when power in New York city fails it will be nothing new.
Track Name: Death Looks just like Paul
Better off inside of a wall, better if death looks just like Paul, feeling better every second wake me up slowly put my existential dread in your mouth. Maybe better if proclivity’s stagnant than wanting when I know I can’t have it, feeling better every second ascending is so pleasant with the existential dread on your mouth. Maybe better if the flux is just partial, even better if all change is non-harmful, feeling better in this second the taste is only extant from the existential dread on the couch. Maybe better once i break in the habit, a good thing stays good so long as you stab it, feeling better in the stasis no more faking i have made it with the existential dread now so couth. Maybe better that the blood is now plastic, maybe something in the id is not manic, feeling better feeling partial since my left side walked home and felt the rain on bone in the pore.
Track Name: Losing Weight 4 U
Losing weight for you it feels so good to love again. The spectre in the skeptic fades to blue or becomes a friend. Hope in breathing lost its form before the bullet flew, wishing for a place or time to find myself like you. Cover your body in ash and relax, all the simple things perish in this-ness and wax. Losing sleep for you, it feels so good to touch again. The serotonin sunset hole reminds means are just ends. Heavy breathing i’m now beast the animal rinsed true, morphing up my ego, body, id, to something like you. The body is dormant while light is in lover, sublimation of peace engaged with the other.
Track Name: Moksha or something in the Void
Peace on mars. I can’t tell if you are signaling tonight or if light language is muted in the delta between our stars, such that we must ascend together. Talking to you on the phone with you might make the moksha last forever. Nothing is better than falling in love. Peace with addiction. I can’t tell if you are gonna beam me into your abscess tonight. I can lick out the infection from the sores that time just might leave you when I go into the part of self that bears no light. Memory makes the moksha last forever. Nothing is better than falling in love. Friends as drugs, I can’t tell if you are gonna hold me forever or if breaking up connection leads the delta between my parts. The entire fucking animal is coursing back to ground, in which the moksha lasts forever. Nothing is better than falling in love.
Track Name: Eel Love and Real Squid Loneliness
Nothing but pure ecstasy when the bodies act like vines. I remember a semblance of a sense of worry but now nothing comes to mind. Gone are years of restless sleep I can finally go to bed on time. Pleasure and ecstasy when your soul crawls into mine. You could never break my heart no matter how hard you try, it will stay with me forever. This pure ecstasy your skin feels just like cream. Real squid loss and real squid loneliness fought for an eel’s love dream. Absent is all angst and the sense of struggle I’m losing my free time making out in love underneath the covers as your soul crawls into mine. You could never break my heart no matter how hard you try this will stay with me forever.
Track Name: Nirvana user
He is so high on his horse he is a joke about ascension crystal meth in the diffuser helps his tapestry intention. The eight fold path has a sexy part, masculinity makes detachment an art, it’s not about giving up on the senses but about giving up on being smart. Between clouds of a 6th density’s the young nirvana user takes solace in Siddhartha who he’s sure was a dab abuser. Going high to the religion, unbound chariot as the god head, as he tries the dope’s effects on he’s reminded how to feel dead inside. The one real noble truth is the body’s need for some sensation wearing clothes from different places showing all his past locations. He transcends the normal thought that’s shared on webs by all the sheeple. He’s going to Nepal to be back around “his” people. Stuck in samsara in the spot between mind looking for nothing when theres something to find. Reborn as a snake that eats the good creatures remembering pleasure erasing the teacher, better off alone in a thick shield of people than deeply unbound in the love of the evil claimed by nirvana whichever path he goes, infinite pain in his time with the ego and mind.
Track Name: The Bathers
Never met a fist that made an honest man out of me, Infinite direction or non action all I ever mean. In my dreams I can be anything in my dreams we can do everything everything. I can mold my organs into comme des garcones. The value of labor vs value of lungs, in the dirt I can be everything everything in new lack of thought can’t regret what I really mean. Looking at the bathers with new fiberglass parts the form of future is subjectivist art, grasping for real the hand’s cut by scissors the only way through it is under the river. The blood the rust the fiend in the form, deeply upset by a lack of ascension. The only way to truly believe is setting the self in suspension. All that I want out of life is the sense that I'm right and indifference is not so fucked up.
Track Name: Crashing your car or being at peace with the windshield going through our heads
Form and void or class in taxes, summer feels just like the girl. I hold the heart so well in praxis but theory’s drenched in oil. If I crash your car tonight into the existential aura bleeding light will you love me till the crumple zone becomes a part of you and I. Or will you still hesitate, will the metal of the engine shoot right though our heart. To want for my whole life but to get it tonight, to die in a home for the commuters with labels with a girlfriend. But with death the Buick parts bringing out the self with an eye for the future in the dream world in solitude. If hell is other people than what the fuck is the lonely dope, I can’t wait to see the other side to be the butt of my own joke. To hesitate, to drown in the answer, to see the engine behind the mind inside the brain to realize that what love is is just a nothing in the sweat shop of a world i have so much fun in with you
Track Name: Aura phone or Aurora
It was a huge fucking bummer that you died last night on drugs. I relived every moment overdosed in dreams you are always in my prayers my transcendent self. Please don’t wait to ask me for my help next time I will always be beside you to shoot some liquid into your heart. Don’t hesitate to ask me for my help next time I will always be supportive and will go to AA with you. It’s been a huge fucking impetus on my routine now that you are not around I can’t talk let loose and have friends. My ego death is reeling from my strung out teens, I just can’t wait to relapse and fall back into the sleep. I’ll not hesitate to ask for help next time, the split is bottled up inside me I feel like my head has collapsed. I’ll never hesitate to reach out for my phone and call my mom to pick me up so she can come and carry me home. All layered in the confidence is dread of the self, I am looking in a mirror claiming something that was there is now gone. Stone escapes the ego that is placed on the shelf I am clawing for the dormancy the suicide of past rips the bong.
Track Name: Our Ashes can Ascend Together
In one week or less i guess now I’ll be on a plane, every time I’ve left it’s felt the same, but this time, with my free drink ticket I’ll raise my glass to the one who altered time. The one who shows you love also shows the proper way to die. Nothing will ever hurt you, you are stronger than the pain, the universe sings our song it sounds like rain. In the thunder I’ll remind myself to keep feet off the ground. Our ashes can ascend to a heaven together whenever the storm’s around. In my dreams or sleep or silence i try to see the time the lines the paths the strings all pay the broken heart no mind. In the daze of real apocalypse forevers just a mime, fashioning the rope that holds the lover up in twine. Bondage will never strike you, you are stronger than restraint the universe sings our song but it sounds faint, in the resonance I remind my self to keep my feet around, our ashes can ascend to a heaven together whenever you think you’re found